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Professional Network – Salary Negotiations 

March 13 @ 18:00 19:30

What do women need to understand about negotiating a starting wage?

Men are offered higher salaries than women—for the same job— 60% of the time. If you accept that starting offer, it’s statistically probable that you’re starting at a lower wage than a man starting the exact same job on the same day.

A mindset shift and strategy are key to your next salary negotiation.

You will learn the 5 Secrets of Salary Negotiation: 

  • Research
  • The perfect moment to negotiate
  • Never be the first to say a number
  • Figuring out a salary range
  • Closing a deal

About our speaker: Fabiana Leal is a Mid-Career Growth Designer on a mission to help international women realize they don’t need to give up on their dream career – that there is a way they can stay employable and fulfilled. Not by applying to multiple job posts without any proper strategy, but instead by focusing on three often neglected steps: clarity, strategies, and mindset shift.

Our event will take place at a private venue and therefore we have to limit the group to 10. Please ensure that you can go before commenting and should you need to cancel, let us know so that another member can participate. Thank you!

March 13 @ 18:00 19:30

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  1. I look foward to seeing you all tonight! We will have some refreshments and light snacks for our event and post presentation discussion. A kind offer of 3 euros per person is welcome to cover this cost, thank you. See you all soon, Natalia

  2. I’m excited to see you all on march13th. We will have to hold any further comments and participants for this event since we have our host and guest speaker to consider and risk being over capacity. I ask that should you learn that you cannot come, please let me know so that we can allow for others to come. Thank you, Natalia

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