Reading List Suggestions

If you haven’t already done so, please send me your suggestions for next year’s reading list.  The theme is travel/journey/escape, but if there is a book you would really like us to read, please send it in the suggestion along with your motivation for choosing the book.  Don’t forget we are also looking for great books which are also great movies so we can have a joint meeting with the Film Fans interest group  Please send your suggestions wthin the next two weeks so I can send you at least the fall selections while we still have summer vacation in which to read them!

Also, Lea Zicchino wrote me that her husband’s book has been published!  I have pasted information below.  I ordered it yesterday and am very much looking forward to reading it – it is always fun to read books set in places you actually know.

A Quiet Death in Italy

The locale is brought to life, the characters come formed by their environment and history, and the plot keeps you guessing – even when you think you know what’s coming. The Times

Benjamin gloriously evokes the porticoes and palazzos of the medieval city, along with its radical tradition and the corruption in the police, in a slow-burning, tense and brooding thriller which boasts the atmosphere and attention to detail that could only spring from a genuine love of the locationThe Herald Scotland


It is available in English here in Italy:

Happy reading!

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