MOVIE(S) NIGHT(S) Quality ‘Prima visione’ movies at home

Hello dear fellow moviegoers. Unfortunately cinemas are not yet open BUT the Cinema Association of Bologna has launched a proposal: register for free at to support your local movie house and have access to the movies they are offering, as if you were going to the movies. Well, sort of…..

Anyhow, the proposal is to choose a cinema of your choice and you will be offered a selection of movies. ┬áSome are premieres, some older movies, at the cost of 7 euro for the former and about 3-5 euros for the latter. The selection is relatively ample: this week my cinema (Odeon) offers in first vision “After the Wedding” with Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams. One can select between original version and Italian versions with subtitles.

After paying for the movie, one has three days to watch it. Warning: no popcorns coming with the film, you have to provide your own.

Enjoy the show while waiting to get together for our “live” evening.


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