Movies for the holidays

Dear Friends,

watching a movie is a social experience, particularly if it is followed by a discussion about the content and the impressions left by the vision. Movie watching can also be a personal journey, for example by rediscovering a favourite director or old, forgotten gems.

I suggest you to try: instead of ‘just watching’ what Amazon prime, Tim Vision, or the ever ubiquitous Netflix offer, search instead for some old masterpieces, or cult movies you have always wanted to watch, but for a reason or the other, you missed. Even better, select a director that interests you: a woman director, or a young emerging talent, and search for her works, even on the ‘usual’ sources. Sooner or later you’ll be able to find what you are looking for.

For example, this month, here in Bologna the Cinemateque Lumiere offers an opportunity, for a small charge, to watch a selection of movies by English director Ken Loach, from ‘I, Daniel Blake’ (2016), to ‘Sweet Sixteen’ (2002), to ‘My Name is Joe’ (1998), as an expression of his sensitivity to modern social issues.

The Cineteca Lumere will offer also for a months from December 18 to January 18 the opportunity to watch on streamline a variety of old movies, all remastered, from Chaplin to Italian director Scola and many more.

Registering with you can choose one of the cinemas of the circuit that you want to support and receive at home, for a small charge, the opportunity to select one (or more) of their offerings.

enjoy your movie (s) and take notes, so we will have plenty to exchange the next time we see each other in person.

Season Greetings





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  1. Hi, Lorenza — Just to let everybody know, I streamed two really good Japanese films from the website, Buon Giorno and Fiori d’Equinozio, by the renowned director Yasujiro Ozu. Both were very entertaining and a good buy at only €3 each! They’re still available on the site.

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