Great fun @ first ever Diners Club Pub Quiz – December 3, 2020

Congratulations to Alexa, our very first

Diners Club Pub Quiz Champion!!!

And a big, big THANK YOU to Stephanie

for being super creative and organizing such a light and fun evening for us!


For all those who missed it, here are some takeouts:

Do you know that there is a Rome on every continent (except Antarctica)???

Well, indeed, here are some Rome(s)

  • Roma, Queensland, Australia (Australia Oceania)
  • Puerto Roma, Ecuador (South America)
  • Roma, Texas, United States (North America)
  • Roma, Lesotho, Africa (Africa)
  • Roma, Indonesia (Asia)

(There are cities in Antarctica but not one called Rome…)

And, what about these two stunning “Pope+” images, can you tell who is hiding?

© Stephanie
© Stephanie
© Stephanie
© Stephanie






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