This Sunday join the Book club

The book club is opening their discussion to our group. The book will be “Hidden Figures” by Margot L. Shetterly. The American dream and the untold true story of the African-American female mathematicians working for the NASA who played a critical role in America’s space program.  Also, the story of racial and gender discrimination at […]


In collaboration with the IWF Book Club, the Film Fans are invited to watch the film version(s) of Emma, based on Jane Austen’s novel which is IWF Book Club’s choice for September 2020. The brand new version of Emma (2020) is available on Sky on demand and for rent on Amazon and Apple TV. Due […]

MOVIE(S) NIGHT(S) Quality ‘Prima visione’ movies at home

Hello dear fellow moviegoers. Unfortunately cinemas are not yet open BUT the Cinema Association of Bologna has launched a proposal: register for free at to support your local movie house and have access to the movies they are offering, as if you were going to the movies. Well, sort of….. Anyhow, the proposal is […]

how to use your time?

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is doing fine. I’m sure many of you follow sites where one can can find many suggestions on how to spend so time with list of things to do, read; recipes to follow; exercises to practice. What else can I add…. a list of movies, perhaps? Here is a link […]

Film fans

Hello. I’m preparing  a  list of movies that could be interesting to watch  together, either classical or recent. Please feel free to contact me either here or by email at if you have some titles in mind. Grazie! Lorenza