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  1. Would you like to volunteer for the Cineteca di Bologna and their festivals Cinema Ritrovato and Sotto le Stelle del Cinema? I have done it several times and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, so please consider donating your time to this amazing institution. If you are free between the last week of June and first week of July, please send in your application by filling in a form (by 15 May) at

  2. For cinema lovers :Modernissimo often shows old movies (for instance I went today for an old wonderful Truffaut’s film), always original language with Italian subtitles, most of them (if not all) cost €3,50 only (look where there is written “cineclub”), have a look and you’ll find something interesting!

  3. The Zone of Interest by Jonathan Glazer will be out in cinemas from 22 February. I’ve already seen it and can’t stop thinking about it. The Guardian called it a ‘brutal masterpiece’ and I totally agree. I’ll be seeing it again. The story is set in Auschwitz, or rather right next to it, and it follows the camp commander, Rudolf Höss and his family. It doesn’t only speak of the horrors of the Holocaust, but also of the capacity for evil that humans possesed then and now and how we all, in one way or another, ignore the injustices and horrors around us.

  4. I’d like to recommend a film I haven’t seen yet – Perfect Days by Wim Wenders. Many of my IWF friends have recommended it and I wanted to propose it as our Film Fans choice, but the times didn’t work for me. So, if you feel like seeing it, please check – it’s currently shown at Rialto and Europa cinemas.

  5. To all the good women of IWF: if you haven’t seen C’è ancora domani, please do!!! Our Film Fans went to see it last Saturday and most of us found it a really cathartic experience. You laugh, you cry, it makes you think – about your own life, about the life of women before and after you, too.
    Even if you feel your Italian is not up to the challenge, I believe that you’d be able to comprehend most of it through the movements, body language, the music. Yes, the soundtrack is amazing, and for the uninitiated a wonderful spread of some of best and less known Italian classics (and not only Italian). I’ll stop right here – you be the judge.

    1. I whole heatedly agree, Una! In my mind, it’s the best movie made in the last ten years! written and directed by a heretofore comedic actress, among other things, it speaks to the fundamental milestone in Italy’s modern history and culture.

      I, too, will say no more, except.. If you haven’t already, go see it!

  6. If there’s anyone who hasn’t seen Barbie (the film) yet, you can catch it this weekend and next week in Pop-Up Cinema – Medica Palace (via Monte Grappa 9), in English (with Italian subtitles) on Sunday, 3/9 at 21.30 and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (4-6/9) at 19.00.

  7. I would recommend a series I’m watching on Amazon Prime. The title is” Dinner Club” : chef Carlo Gracco will undertake 6 trips across Italy to rediscover its most authentic cuisine each time with a different Italian actor as companion.
    In Italian, with English subtitles. It is not a cooking show but more a discovery of places and specialties.

  8. Did you know that it costs only €3.50 to see any European (including Italian and British) film at the cinema? Hurry up – this offer (subsidised by the Italian Ministry of Culture) expires after 16 September 2023!

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