2023-2024 Reading List

Many thanks to everyone for their excellent suggestions. Here is the full reading list. Only the May mystery remains a mystery. 😉

Happy reading!

September: Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

October: Albert Camus, The First Man

November: Hernan Diaz, Trust

December: Annie Ernaux, A Man’s Place

January: Maggie O’Farrell, Hamnet

February: Toni Morrison, Sula

March: Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

April: Umberto Eco, How to Spot a Fascist

May: Attica Locke, Bluebird, Bluebird

June: Poetry evening

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Alexa, have you changed November’s book? Because it was Martin Amis London Fields in June and I have already bought it… is it possible to go back to the original list?

    1. Hi Silvia

      after starting London Fields I had a change of heart and decided to switch with another of Veronica’s suggestions. I’m sorry you already purchased the book but maybe you can return it or just read it on your own?

      take care,

      1. Hi Alexa, I’ve bought it in July, so it’s too late to give it back.
        I thought once it is published the reading list was “official” so I trusted it and spent money and time (the book is very long) on it, while I could have bought and read something different, it’s a matter of principle.
        In any case I know the group leader has the right to the decide which books we will be reading, but I don’t think it is correct to change a book almost 3 months later, this at least is my opinion.



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