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Indiana University's Bologna Consortial Studies Program

Indiana University's Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP) offers qualified undergraduate students an opportunity to study for a full academic year or second semester at the University of Bologna for U.S. college credit. The BCSP was founded by Indiana University in 1964 and is now a consortium of eight universities. The member institutions—Indiana University, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Minnesota, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Northwestern University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison—jointly set the program’s academic standards. Indiana University’s Office of Overseas Study is responsible for administering the program on behalf of the consortium. IWF member since 2004.

University of California Education Abroad Program

The UC Education Abroad Program is the distinctive and distinguished international program of the University of California that provides academic exchanges and integrates international curricula and learning opportunities into the University. In Italy, the UC Education Abroad Program offers semester or year-round immersion programs, at some the country’s most prestigious universities, including the universities of Bologna, Padova, and Trento, the University of Ferrara/School of Architecture, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi in Milan. IWF member since 2004.

Dickinson College

Dickinson College hosts two programs in Bologna. Students may spend a full academic year in Italy, or take part in a language-intensive Summer Immersion Program. Named in honor of its first director, the K. Robert Nilsson Center for European Studies in Bologna was established in 1965 and, over the years, it has drawn students from many universities around the United States who want to undertake serious study of Europe. Courses at the Dickinson Center are taught by faculty from Bologna and by the Center’s resident director, a member of the Dickinson faculty. The curriculum focuses on Europe and includes courses in international relations, history, economics, sociology, political science, fine arts and Italian studies. Independent study that focuses on a specific research topic is also a possibility. IWF member since 2004.

The International School of Bologna (ISB)

The International School of Bologna (ISB) opened in September 2004 to provide international education for children aged 3-11years. The school offers a curriculum designed to meet the needs of Italian and International children living in the Bologna area. The ISB curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Primary Years Programme (PYP). At present, the school is working towards 'Candidate Status' with the IBO and expects to be fully authorized for the PYP in the coming years. IWF member since 2006.

Cobe Dental

COBE Dental is a multi specialty dental practice which combines the talents of four American trained dental specialists under one roof. This unique reality creates a warm and comforting space for patients and provides dental care at the highest of levels for all its patients' needs.

Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School is the Graduate School of Information Technology, Management, and Communication of Bologna founded in 2001 as a consortium between Università di Bologna, Fondazione Marconi and Fondazione Carisbo. The Bologna Business School facilities are enclosed within Villa Guastavillani on the hills surrounding Bologna, just five minutes away from the town center. Scholarships are offered for various International MBA tracks including Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods; Food and Wine; Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses; Brazil and Europe Business Relations; Corporate Finance; and China/Far East and Europe Business Relations.