Sunday, November 05, 2017

New Leader of Two Tongued Tots

Heather Hammond Will Organize a Mamma Discussion Group, Guest Speakers and Play Dates

Heather Hammond has enthusiastically taken on the role of leader of the Two Tongued Tots, an interest group/playgroup dedicated to mothers who are bringing up their young children in a bilingual environment. Originally from a tiny place somewhere between Toronto and Niagara Falls, Canada, Heather has lived in Bologna, Italy for 6 years and is married to a local Italian. Together they have a happy and active 3-year old girl.

Heather is a self-employed Occupational Therapist, dividing her time between treating private clients, teaching at UNIMORE, writing publications and volunteering both at the regional and national levels for various professional associations. She is also currently the Vox@bo (IWF newsletter) editor and designer.

While Heather would like to maintain some of the traditional elements of the group, such as arranging playdates in English and celebrating the holidays together (such as Christmas and Easter), she would also like to try something new and organize a Mamma discussion group. These events would feature a guest speaker, a mamma with expertise and/or an interesting story to share on a given theme, and the chance to chat and exchange ideas with other mammas in English.

Further details about the TTT group will be posted on the Interest Group webpage. Stay tuned for information about our first event!