Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Interest Group Launched: Burraco Club

Francesca Ventura Hopes Members Will Have Fun Playing a Traditional Italian Card Game

Francesca Ventura is excited to announce the launch of the brand new Interest Group, Burraco Club, where members will have the opportunity to socialize while playing a traditional Italian card game. Francesca was born in Bologna just like her parents, grandparents and many other generations. She is married to a Bolognese with whom she has a son who is now six years old. She is an architect and since 2000 has been working in real estate, mainly in the shopping malls sector, a job she loves (she happens to work for major Bolognese company too!).

Some of Francesca's passions include tennis, reading, playing cards and generally being surrounded by people she holds dear.

Her family has always had this tradition of meeting around a table, sharing their latest news, sometimes arguing but other times consoling each other while playing cards. Card games were also a way for them to bring together different generations, and she considers the activity synonymous with conviviality and togetherness.