Monday, September 26, 2016

New Leader of Runners & Walkers

Kara Goodwin Plans to Organize a Variety of Informal Events

Kara Goodwin has eagerly volunteered to be the new leader of Runners & Walkers. Kara moved to Bologna in 2014 with her husband and 2 children (now 9 and 6) from Indianapolis, USA.  She has lived and work in both the US and UK as an IT professional and sales executive, and since moving to Bologna has loved being a full time mom.  Kara has been running for 5 years, mostly just for fun and fitness, but also has enjoyed some races, including 4 half marathons.  In fact, she is not sure how much she really "enjoyed" the half marathons at the time she was running them, but she was really happy when they were over!  She is currently training for a half marathon in November. 

Kara plans to offer a variety of options for runners and walkers, from casual weekday, evening, and weekend runs to the occasional official event.  Currently she does not belong to a running club, so she anticipates more informal events for the group as opposed to the official Sunday runs which were the focus in the past.

In addition to running, Kara is co-chair of the Parents' Association at her children's school, runs a weekly language exchange lunch, and enjoys quilting.

A big thanks to former leaders, Ellen Laird and Jenny O'Brien, for organizing the previous Runners & Walkers activities.