Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Leader of Professional Network

Jane Schorah Plans to Address Topics Such As Taxes, Pension and More

Jane Schorah has enthusiastically volunteered to lead the Professional Network Interest Group. Jane comes from the North-West of England. During and after her degree years, she backpacked and inter-railed around Europe and worked abroad for some years (in Tunisia, Italy and Greece). She then went back to the UK to complete her legal training and subsequently qualified as a lawyer. She was an ERASMUS student at the law faculty of Bologna University for a year - which explains the link to this city.  

Jane has been in Italy nearly 13 years and qualified as an avvocato in 2006. She specializes in corporate/commercial law at an international law firm in Bologna. When she does get spare time, she reads a lot and writes fiction. She is married and has a son.

As the new group leader, Jane is keen to identify with Professional Network members the issues that are of specific interest, including  ways in which professional links can be improved. It is also envisaged that the group will share information on employment-related issues such as tax, pension contributions, childcare, registration requirements on any professional roles and so forth.

A big thanks to former leader, Adriana Onita, for organizing the previous Professional Network activities.