Thursday, October 08, 2015

New Leader of Kocktailklatsch

Katey Mulligan Looks Forward to Exploring an Ethnic Mix of Cocktail Settings

We are delighted to welcome Katey Mulligan as the new Leader of Kocktailklatsch, which meets periodically for evening aperitivi in the city center. Katey retired from her landscape design business in San Francisco two years ago and moved with her husband to Bologna, starting a new set of challenges and experiences. In her early 20s, she traveled from her native Dublin, Ireland across the USA and once she reached San Francisco, she forgot to leave and stayed there for more than 35 years. While San Francisco was a wonderful place to live and work, she is happy now to be back in Europe and is very much enjoying learning about and engaging in the Italian lifestyle.

Katey enjoys almost all the activities IWF offers - Ramblers, Book Club, Film Fans, Diners Club and Culture Club outings - and is happy to take on the Kocktailklatsch as another opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed, informal setting over a tasty cocktail!

Come along as the group explores some new haunts as well as old favorites, including hopefully some 'ethnic' places. And if you have a favorite bar you think members would enjoy, be sure to let Katey know.

The next Kocktailklatsch activity is already being organized, and details will be posted on the Interest Group page soon.

A big thanks to former leader, Ruth Johnson, for organizing the previous Kocktailklatsch activities.