IWF Membership Options & Information

Why join us:

Becoming a member of the IWF is worthwhile!

  • Regular members are entitled to attend all general meetings, social events, and interest group activities,
  • they receive the “IWF Weekly News Flash” e-mail,
  • and have full access to the online community, which includes

How to join us:

Becoming a member of the IWF is simple!

  1. Choose the membership option that best applies to you.
  2. Pay the corresponding annual fee.
  3. Register yourself by completing the registration form (find the button at the bottom of this page).
  4. Have some patience while we review your request.

1. Membership options

The IWF has created a series of membership options designed to meet the needs of our friends both in Bologna and far away. Visitors are welcome to attend their first general meeting or interest group activity free of charge, also to provide them with an opportunity to get to know us before becoming members.

Regular members have full access to the online community and are entitled to attend all general meetings, social events, and interest group activities. They receive the “IWF Weekly News Flash” e-mail which summarizes the upcoming events and fresh news.

*Only regular members are permitted to vote and hold board position.

This membership is for people living outside of the greater Bologna area or out of the country, who wish to support the IWF. Supporting members have full access to the online community, receive the weekly News Flash, and are welcome to attend general meetings for a drop-in fee of 5.

Institutional members enjoy full access to the online community, including the membership directory and Forum 2.0, where employment or housing opportunities may be posted. In addition, each institutional member is entitled to send two attendees to each general meeting, a privilege which is meant to be circulated among the institution’s employees, members, or students.

Student members (with proof of full-time student status) enjoy the same benefits as regular members, other than the right to vote or serve on the board.

New members joining us for the first time, late in the social year between March 1 and June 30, can take advantage of our Partial-Year Membership option at the reduced fee of €40. Partial-Year Members who join us between March 1 and June 30, enjoy the same benefits as Regular Members for the rest of that same fiscal year ending on June 30.

2. Financial matters

Formal membership in the IWF requires payment of annual dues in support of the organization. Dues are used to cover the operating expenses of the IWF including meeting space, speaker expenses, newsletter publication, and website hosting.

The IWF fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Annual dues are collected in-person at general meetings or any time via wire transfer (bonifico bancario). Returning members are kindly asked to pay their membership fees for the social year during the summer months via wire transfer. Memberships from the previous year remain active on the forums and in the directory until at least the second meeting of the social year (October).

Wire transfers should be sent to our account with the Banca di Bologna bank:

    • Beneficiario: International Womens Forum of Bologna
    • Causale: Your first name Your last name, Membership option
    • Codice IBAN: IT80 J088 8302 4010 1600 0162 578
    • Codice BIC: CCRTIT2TBDB

Please double check
to make sure your wire transfer is labeled correctly with the account name (“B
eneficiario”) and IBAN details written as indicated above. We recommend to copy and paste the IBAN, to avoid mistakes (zero and O are often confused!). This greatly accelerates receipt of your fees.

Alternatively you can send us your dues via PayPal. Just click the “Donate” button or scan the QR code below and follow the instructions on the new page. 

Upon completion of your wire or PayPal transfer, please send an e-mail to the IWF treasurer treasurer@iwfbologna.com in which you confirm that you have just commissioned the payment. Please indicate your first and last names as well as the membership option you chose.

3. Now it's time to register yourself!

And what's next?

After you have completed the registration form and the privacy policy consent we will review your request and wait for your membership fees to arrive. This may take up to two weeks, so thanks in advance for your patience!

Upon receipt we will activate your account and notify you via e-mail.
You are then officially registered as an IWF member and can access the reserved areas of this website.