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Friday, December 16, 2016

December Holiday Social Event

The December Holiday Social Event is scheduled for Friday, December 16th at 19:30 at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, via Castiglione 7 (use staircase C). Feel free to bring a friend, male or female for this festive apericena with music and dancing, an entry  fee of 10euros for members and 15 for guests applies.  This year IWF's social event will donate to Pollicino ONLUS, an organization that supports the pediatric emergency ward at Gozzadini Hospital, Sant'Orsola.  Please SIGN-UP for this event on the Forum.


The holiday festivities will take place at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, Via Castiglione 7(use staircase C)



The December Holiday Social event will take place Friday, December 16th, beginning at 19:30 until 11:30 for an evening of lively music, dancing and food.


Bring a friend, male or female, to celebrate at this IWF holiday event, an entry fee of 10euros for member and 15 for non-members applies.