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Monday, June 18, 2018

Welcome to the IWF News Flash. This page is regularly updated and a link is sent to IWF members via e-mail. Member-to-member announcements can be posted anytime on the IWF on-line forums. Follow these simple instructions to post your message.


Upcoming Events

Save the date for the September Social Event scheduled for Thursday, September 20th. Event details and location to follow.

From the Board of Directors: Contact Us

  • We want to hear from you! How can we update the website and forum to better serve you? Let us know by taking two minutes out of your day to fill out this brief online survey  Send us your feedback by June 22nd
  • We are looking for a tech-savvy enthusiast to establish a task force in the upcoming year who will focus on the website and communications changes. If you are interested, please contact president@iwfbologna.com

Interest Groups

Would you like to take part in one of our interest groups during the upcoming social year? Interest groups are a great way of meeting other IWF members and making new contacts within our group. Contact the Membership Team for more details, or contact the individual group leaders:

  • Runners & Walkers- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Professional Network- contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com if you have ideas for this group
  • Coffee Morning - meets weekly at 10:30am at Cafe delle Sette Chiese (piazza Santo Stefano)
  • Culture Club - meets Saturday, June 24th at 3pm Stazione radioastronomica di Medicina (via Fiorentina, 3513, 40059, Medicina)
  • Job Bank-job opportunities can be found on the forum
  • Book Club- next book to be posted soon
  • Ramblers- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Diners Club- meets Tuesday, June 19th at 8:15pm at Antica Osteria Le Mura (vicolo del Falcone, 13)
  • Language XChange- is looking for a new leader, contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com
  • TTT- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Kocktailklatsch- have a great summer from your cocktail team!
  • Community Service- stay tuned for upcoming volunteer opportunities
  • Film Fans- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Burraco Club- next game date to be announced shortly

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