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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome to the IWF News Flash. This page is regularly updated and a link is sent to IWF members via e-mail. Member-to-member announcements can be posted anytime on the IWF on-line forums. Follow these simple instructions to post your message.


Upcoming Events

Save the date for the March Monthly Meeting, scheduled to take place on International Women's Day, Thursday, March 8th. In an effort to create more awareness about women's issues in developing countries, the event will be in the format of a mini film festival where GVC, a Bologna-based NGO whose work extends internationally, will present two documentaries highlighting women in Tunisia. The screening will be followed by a presentation by two women project managers connected to the films who will discuss their experiences, and an aperitivo will be offered. In collaboration with GVC and generous sponsors, the film festival will be open to the public -- please talk it up and bring your friends! Start time, location and other details to be announced soon.

From the Board of Directors: Contact Us

We hope you have been able to take part in the many interest group activities our wonderful leaders have organized for members this month! Why not take this opportunity to contribute to future activities? What are your interests and skills? Leadership positions for some of our interest groups and other support roles are currently available, and we are always open to new ideas. If you have suggestions about ways to enhance the IWF through new groups or monthly event ideas, please contact a member of the board.

Interest Groups

Would you like to take part in one of our interest groups during the upcoming social year? Interest groups are a great way of meeting other IWF members and making new contacts within our group. Contact the Membership Team for more details, or contact the individual group leaders:

  • Runners & Walkers- new leader needed (contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com if interested)
  • Professional Network- new co-leader needed (contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com if interested)
  • Coffee Morning - meets weekly on Wednesdays at 10:30am at Pappare
  • Culture Club - stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Job Bank-job opportunities can be found on the forum
  • Book Club- will meet Thursday, February 22nd at 8pm to discuss Edna O'Brien's The Little Red Chairs
  • Ramblers- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Diners Club- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Language XChange- new leader needed (contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com if interested)
  • TTT- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Kocktailklatsch- will meet for jazz and pizza at Mozzabella Pizzeria at Mercato delle Erbe on Tuesday, February 27th at 8pm
  • Community Service- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Film Fans- stay tuned for upcoming events
  • Burraco Club- stay tuned for upcoming events


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