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Monday, September 25, 2017

Welcome to the IWF News Flash. This page is regularly updated and a link is sent to IWF members via e-mail. Member-to-member announcements can be posted anytime on the IWF on-line forums. Follow these simple instructions to post your message.


Upcoming Events

The October Monthly Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 19th and will offer a dialogue between textile industry expert and IWF member, Pilar Morales and a sustainable and fair trade economy expert, Giorgio dal Fiume. Together they will discuss real life experiences and how we, as consumers can contribute to create a more responsible industry.  Time and location to be announced shortly.

From the Board of Directors: Contact Us

  • IWF is looking for a new group leader for Professional Network and for Two Tongued Tots.  If you are interested in leading either group, please contact interestgroups@iwfbologna.com
  • See your name in print in the Vox@BO IWF Newsletter!  The next issue will be about storytelling and how these shape our memories, cutlures and traditions in time.  Submissions are due September 30th, contact the Vox@BO editior with your article. 
  • Membership dues for the 2017-2018 social year are currently being accepted.  Dues may be paid by bank transfer (see Membership page for payment instructions).  Regular membership is 50 euros.

Interest Groups

Would you like to take part in one of our interest groups during the upcoming social year? Interest groups are a great way of meeting other IWF members and making new contacts within our group. Contact the Membership Team for more details, or contact the individual group leaders:


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