Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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ather than having to go to a park. They are free to explore, get dirty, learn about nature. The town, 5 km away, is safe. I could drop my kids off for a movie or pizza with friends. If I forget my wallet, everybody from the baker to the doctor tells me, “just pay me next time.” True, everybody knows everybody else’s business, but this is not always negative: we help each other out, with child minding, transportation, information, whatever. And with limited cultural resources, one tends to actually participate in events. Bologna is only 30-75 minutes away (depending on traffic). On the other hand, the cool summers and the soft, autumn colors give way to long, miserable winters with lots of snow. Those with 4-wheel drives and no fear are OK. The rest of us are stranded - sometimes in our cars, in snowbanks.And so far from society, childhood friendships and visits took extra encouragement and planning. Now that my first baby is in high school and I am working again, we drive the windy road to Bologna almost daily. Moving back to the city is becoming imperative, for convenience and cultural stimulation. But I will miss short, friendly lines at the post office, the bank, the shops; the easy parking; the real, person-to-person relationships; the folklore festivals; the long walks without traffic; and sunbathing, dining and stargazing out my front door.

Shoshanna Zuckerman