Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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FAMILY (See also Chapter 6)


Children are usually placed in day care, preschool and elementary school within their comune of residence. If you live in a town without a middle or high school, your children will automatically be sent to the nearest neighboring facilities. Priority placement is always given to resident children. In cases of overflow, even younger children may be

I lived in the historical city center for a year before moving out to the hills of the Appennino. Although I sometimes miss the social life of centro, I have to say I now prefer the quiet charm of the provincia. People are generally friendlier and I can get a lot more done in less time. One morning I had my carta d’identità reissued, signed up my infant daughter up for the health system, picked up a day care application and had my son’s lost library card replaced - all in less than an hour, something I could have never pulled off when we lived in Bologna.

Andrea Vogt

assigned to schools in another comune. Factor in schools when choosing a place to live as it is difficult to change school districts.

Your first stop should be the local ufficio scuola (school office) usually housed among the other comune offices. Each comune will have different offerings, waiting lists and procedures. Be polite at the ufficio scuola, as it is this official who will make most of the decisions about your child’s placement.