Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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HEALTH (See also Chapter 4)


In the case of emergency, dial 118 or go to the hospital nearest you. In addition to the city hospitals listed in Chapter 4: Health, there are numerous provincial hospitals. Know which is closest to you.

Bazzano – Ospedale Dossetti

Viale dei Martiri, 10/b
Tel. 051.838811

The train from Marzabotto could be comfortable, when it wasn’t five minutes (or an hour) late, or when it wasn’t deragliato. You could read on the train, unless some anziano with a loud voice sitting ten seats away was holding court about his favorite cold cuts. This happened to me regularly, so now, even though I am a vegetarian, I can say that prosciutto is the best, the little mortadella that you get from the COOP is OK but not as good as the stuff sliced off the big ones at the salumeria, and bresaola is just too lean to be really tasty!

Ann Gagliardi

Bentivoglio – Ospedale di Bentivoglio

Via Marconi, 35
Tel. 051.6644111

Budrio – Ospedale di Budrio

Via Benni, 44
Tel. 051.809111

Loiano – Ospedale Simiani

Via Roma, 8
Tel. 051.6543711

Porretta Terme – Ospedale Costa

Via Roma, 16
Tel. 0534.20711

San Giovanni in Persiceto – Ospedale di San Giovanni in Persiceto

Via E. Palma, 1
Tel. 051.6813111

Vergato – Ospedale Civile

Via Repubblica, 120
Tel. 051.6749111


If you are enrolled in the national health care system all of your health care needs will revolve around your local ASL - Azienda Sanitaria Locale, also known as Azienda USL. To register with the ASL office in your comune, look in the local yellow pages under SERVIZI DI PUBBLICA UTILITA’ or search online at


Your local ASL belongs to one of six larger districts in the province and your medico di base (general practitioner or family doctor) will be assigned within your district. If you have changed districts, you may request to keep your previous physician. This is a simple procedure that is done in your local ASL office during registration. It is important to know your district when calling the guardia medica (doctor on call) for after-hours care. They operate locally and will only make house calls within the assigned district. To find the number of the guardia medica for your comune, see:

The six ASL districts are: Distretto Bologna, Distretto Casalecchio di Reno, Distretto Pianura Est (San Pietro in Casale), Distretto Pianura Ovest (San Giovanni in Persiceto), Distretto Porretta Terme, Distretto San Lazzaro di Savena.