Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Live theater in Bologna includes everything from dance to opera to traditional drama, with experimental theater and plays performed in Bolognese dialect thrown in for good measure. Programs are available at the URP in Piazza Maggiore. Otherwise, contact the theaters directly for programs and ticket information. A few of the larger theaters are mentioned below. For a complete list, see TEATRI in the yellow pages.

I love the friendliness of Bologna, the emphasis on good food, the young university population and the scale and texture of the city, which is big enough to offer a variety of cultural activities and initiatives without feeling anonymous. But mostly what I love is, after a day of work in Florence spent battling the long lines, tourists and metal detectors to take my students to see the artistic monuments, coming home to Bologna, where the only big crowds are all conveniently contained at the Fiera.

Molly Bourne

Teatro Comunale

Largo Respighi, 1
Tel. 051.529999 or 199.107070 for recorded information

L’Arena del Sole

Via dell’Indipendenza, 44
Tel. 051.2910910

Il Teatro delle Celebrazioni

Via Saragozza, 234
Tel. 051.6153370 or 051.6153374


Piazza Costituzione, 4
Tel. 051.372540

Teatro Dehon

Via Libia, 59
Tel. 051.342934 or 051.344772

Teatro Duse

Via Cartoleria, 42
Tel. 051.231836

Teatro delle Moline

Via delle Moline, 1
Tel. 051.235288