Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Bologna is home to scores of museums, many of which host interesting temporary exhibitions in addition to their impressive permanent collections. Most museums are closed Mondays. Below are a selection of city museums, see additional references in Chapter 9: Provincia.

MAMbo Museo Arte Moderna Bologna (Museum of Modern Art)

Via Don Minzoni, 14
Tel. 051.502859
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10-18
Reopens in late 2007 with more than 11,000 square meters of space. The museum complex is located inside the distretto delle arti (art district), also home to Cineteca and the DAMS music laboratory, not far from Via Azzo Gardino.

To me, the fountain of Neptune, not the two leaning towers or spacious Piazza Maggiore, is Bologna’s real heart. I have many personal associations with Neptune, the fountain was a mandatory daily stop for me and my two-year-old son during my first somewhat lonely year in Bologna. It never failed to lift our spirits.

Liz Kaplan

Museo Ebraico di Bologna (Jewish Museum of Bologna)

Via Valdonica, 1/5
Tel. 051.2911280
Open Sunday-Thursday 10-18; Friday 10-16
Contains displays and historical narratives of the region’s Jewish population.

Museo Comunale (Municipal Art Collection)

Piazza Maggiore, 6
Tel. 051.203526
Open weekdays 9-18:30
Works by Carracci, Creti, Palagi, Aspertini, Crespi, Gandolfi and Hayez. There are a number of other noteworthy civic museums. Not to miss are: Museo Civico Archeologico (Civic Archaeology Museum); Museo Civico d’Arte Industriale e Quadreria “Davia Bargellini” (Civic Museum of Industrial Art and Davia Bargellini Picture Gallery); and Museo Civico Medievale (Civic Medieval Museum)

For more detailed information on these civic museums and others, check the city’s listings at

Museo della Comunicazione “Mille voci...mille suoni”
(Museum of Communication “A Thousand Voices…A Thousand Sounds”)

Via Col di Lana, 7/n
Tel. 051.6491008
Open by appointment
800 pieces related to the history of media, interesting recordings from the fascist era.

Museo Morandi (Morandi Museum)

Piazza Maggiore, 6
Tel. 051.20332
Open Tuesday–Sunday 10-18
A collection of more than 250 works by Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi.

Museo della Musica (Music Museum)

Palazzo Sanguinetti, 34
Tel. 051.2757711
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10-18
Paintings of illustrious musicians, antique musical instruments, valuable documents.

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Museum of Industrial Heritage)

Via della Beverara, 123
Tel. 051.6356611
Open Monday-Friday 9-13; Saturday and Sunday 15-18
Five centuries of Bologna history are reconstructed in this interactive exposition. Machines and scientific instruments from the 1700s on, as well as photography and historical archives.

Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Picture Gallery)

Via delle Belle Arti, 56
Tel. 051.243222
Open Tuesday-Sunday 9-19
A collection of the most noted Emilian painters including works by Giotto, Raffaello, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Carracci and Reni.

University Museums

The University of Bologna has a number of interesting scientific museums from paleontology and zoology to wax anatomy and astronomy. For a complete list contact the SMA - Sistema Museale d’Ateneo (University Museum System).

SMA - Sistema Museale d’Ateneo

Via Zamboni, 33
Tel. 051.2099602