Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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The website of the Federazione Italiana Fitness (Italian Fitness Federation) lists special fitness trade shows, courses and events. This is also the point of reference if you would like to be certified as a fitness or sports instructor:


In addition to regular membership fees, most gyms require an additional annual registration quota. A medical certificate is obligatory and some larger facilities provide an onsite doctor’s visit. Most gyms offer a weight room and aerobics classes as a part of the base membership. Special courses like spinning, yoga and pilates usually cost extra. Do not expect amenities like towels and shampoo in the locker room. Bring your own accappatoio (bathrobe) rather than a towel if you want to fit in and your own lock for your belongings.

For a complete listing of gyms, see the yellow pages under PALESTRE. Below are a few of the gyms recommended by IWF members.

Atlas Club

Via Vezza, 22
Tel. 051.251122
A variety of courses and equipment, sauna, stream room and bar, student discounts.

Body Planet

Via delle Armi,12
Tel. 051.494154
Large gym for all types of fitness programs, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts.

Club President Silhouette

Via Albiroli, 3b
Tel. 051.237842
One of the few clubs in the city center with an indoor lap pool.

Bologna is not horrid in the summer. It’s hot and muggy, but the city and the hills come alive at night with lots of outdoor music and dancing and cultural activities like film festivals, poetry readings, live concerts, sports events and parties. Many are free or modestly priced and often organized by the city government in conjunction with restaurants, pubs and associations. It’s really nice to be in Bologna without all the traffic and hustle and bustle.

Joanne Maloney

Fitness First

Via San Felice, 99
Tel. 051.6494926
Modern multinational club with wide selection of courses and all the amenities.

Palestra dè Poeti

Via dè Poeti, 3
Tel. 051.237919 (site also in English)
Smaller facility in centro, student discounts.

Virgin Active

Centro Commerciale Minganti, Centro Commerciale Meridiana
See Chapter 7: Shopping
Numero verde 800.914555
Top-of-the-line big city fitness centers with the latest equipment, swimming pool, day care and spa.



Via Riva Reno, 124
Tel. 051.225588
Zen meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and Aikido, discounts are offered to CUSB pass holders.

Centro Natura

Via degli Albari, 6
Tel. 051.235643
Yoga and other courses, massage, natural foods restaurant.

Centro Yoga Le Vie

Via D’Azeglio, 35
Tel. 051.19982056

Il Melograno

Via Lombardia, 36
Tel. 051.6241125


For a complete listing, see yellow pages under SCUOLE DI BALLO.

Centro Studio Danza Gymmoving

Via Azzo Gardino, 50
Tel. 051.6490476
Offers dance of all types: modern, classical, flamenco, hip hop, salsa and more.


Via San Vitale, 40/10
Tel. 051.235540
Modern and classical dance for adults and children.


Swimming is a popular means of staying fit in Bologna. Bathing caps and flip-flops in the pool area are mandatory. Like the gym, bring a bathrobe for drying off instead of a towel. You can pay by the visit or buy a slightly discounted ten-visit pass. For a complete listing of pools and hours, check with the URP in Piazza Maggiore. Community pools are listed online at You can also check the website of SOGESE, the organization that runs most of the city’s pools. For a list of greater area outdoor pools and water parks for summer outings, see Chapter 9: Provincia.


Tel. 051.519109