Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Bologna offers a club for every sport and hobby. Here is a sampling of activities, how to get started and where to find more information. Make sure that you inquire about what kind of medical note you will need from your doctor if you are planning to join a gym, participate in a team sport of any sort or join a running or cycling club. Sport associations and federations are listed in the yellow pages under SPORT, while courts, fields and courses are listed under SPORT IMPIANTI E CORSI. The city, province and region have teamed up to form a consortium called the Bologniadi. Their site has useful information in Italian about sports events and clubs in Bologna: For more information, contact the CONI office.

CONI - Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (Italian National Olympic Committee)

Via Barberia, 24
Tel. 051.580542

UISP - Unione Italiana Sportiva (Italian Sporting Union) organizes teams and classes for just about every kind of water or land sport. UISP does not require you to visit a specialist sports doctor before joining the association, but instead requests a signed note from your physician attesting that you are in good condition to participate in the sport.

UISP - Unione Italiana Sportiva

Via dell’Industria, 20
Tel. 051.6013511

If you’re a university student, consider enrolling in the CUSB - Centro Universitario Sportivo Bolognese (Bologna University Sports Center), the university’s sport organization. You will receive substantial discounts at gyms and sports centers in addition to becoming eligible to sign up for the CUSB’s gym, classes and teams. They have a very informative website.

CUSB – Centro Universitario Sportivo Bolognese

Via San Giacomo, 9/2
Tel. 051.4217311

The Dopolavoro Ferroviario organizes many sports clubs, from soccer to archery to waterpolo. They also offer a variety of courses including foreign languages, photography and Bonzai.

DLF - Associazione Dopolavoro Ferroviario

Via S. Serlio, 25/2
Tel. 051.4193256