Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Sundays and Thursday afternoon are Bologna’s official periods of riposo (rest). Just a few years ago it was practically impossible to buy anything on a Thursday afternoon, but this is changing. Store closing is not mandatory and some clothing shops, large shopping centers and department stores remain open. But most of the smaller shops, including those that offer services such as dry cleaning, bike repair and copying will close at lunchtime on Thursday and won’t open again until Friday morning. Hairdressers and barbershops on the other hand take their riposo on Monday, as do many family-run restaurants. COOP grocery stores stay open Thursday afternoons and close Monday mornings instead. There are also a handful of stands in the market area behind Piazza

If you are unfamiliar with metric weight measurements, it’s very easy to end up with the wrong amount. Have you ever bought crusca? That’s bran. I went into a granaglie store and announced that I wanted half a kilo of the stuff! The clerk just stared and stared. I guess he thought I was really having some problems. Because bran is so light, half a kilo of bran is a lot of bran - a whole lot. I was too embarrassed to say anything once I’d realized my mistake and so off I went all “grazie, grazie” with what was clearly a five-year supply!

Peggy Kidney

Maggiore and in Piazza Aldrovandi that maintain orario continuato. On Sundays, you’ll have to use the self-service machines for gas. If you need fresh milk, you can try to cajole some barman at a local cafè into selling you some. There is almost always one large supermarket outside the city center open on Sunday - the trick is finding out which one. The best source of information is Il Resto del Carlino. Most shops will hang up a banner the week before announcing a special Sunday opening. Almost all shops are open on the Sundays leading up to Christmas and Easter, the biggest Italian food fests. During these holiday periods, shops will also extend their opening hours.