Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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After the first few months of delicious tortellini, you may be longing for comfort foods from home. Does the mere mention of peanut butter or marmite make you swoon? Chances are you will able to find these items here. Major supermarket chains are increasingly carrying specialty items such as Mexican taco kits and Asian sauces and noodles.

Asia Mach carries just about everything Asian, including seven different varieties of soy sauce, coconut milk and spices galore. You can also find fresh cilantro, Indian, Latin American and American specialties.

Be sure to also check out Scaramagli, an upscale wine and candy shop where you can also find a selection of prepared foreign foods, dark grain breads, teas, jams and spices. For Russian specialites and pickled foods, try Kalinka. If you still have energy after furniture shopping at IKEA, the food section at the exit has Scandinavian goodies, see listing in Chapter 3: Housing.

Asia Mach

Via Mascarella, 81/a/b/c
Tel. 051.253288
Via Livraghi, 5/6
Tel. 051.262213


Strada Maggiore, 31
Tel. 051.227132


Via Galliera, 63/a
Tel. 051.240173


For the ingredients you just can’t find - like baking powder or real vanilla extract - try making your own. For baking powder, use ¼ tsp bicarbonato (baking soda) and ½ tsp crema tartara (cream of tartar), found in the pharmacy. For real vanilla extract, as opposed to the Italian imitation flavoring, soak 2-4 vanilla beans in pure alcohol for 2-3 weeks. You can get the alcohol, called spirito, at the drogheria. A helpful website for ingredient substitution is