Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Summer can be difficult for working parents as the summer vacation lasts well over two months. Most public day care and schools finish up at the end of June and reopen in mid-September. Some offer a pay-by-the-week program in July. Otherwise there are a number of campi estivi (summer camps) for children preschool age and older available on a full-day or half-day basis. There are also sleep-away camps for older children. Programs are available at your local school office and at the city’s Ufficio Settore Sport e Giovani (Office of Youth and Sports).

Ufficio Settore Sport e Giovani

Via Oberdan, 24
Tel. 051.2194704

I feel that Bologna and the surrounding area have a lot to offer a family. I love that we can step outside our door and go on a picturesque hike, eat homemade pasta at a wonderful osteria, or take a short drive and find ourselves in centro. I especially like how the agricultural seasons are deeply rooted in the culture. I think this gives our children a deep connection to the generous nature that surrounds them. There are a lot of seasonal festivals celebrating this (The Chestnut Festival, The Mushroom Festival, The Blueberry Festival, etc.). It’s fun for us as a family to go and eat the local products, listen to the music, dance and be a part of everything.

Kristin Post