Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Many public and private centers offer free courses to young people and those seeking to make a career change. Funded by the EU, local or regional governments, these corsi di formazione (training courses) are designed to prepare you to attain your career goals. Contact the following organizations to find out about courses currently available.

OSSOF - L’Osservatorio sull’Offerta Formativa (Observatory on Job Training)
Online guide to the training courses open for enrollment in the Province of Bologna.

CTC - Centro di Formazione Manageriale e Gestione d’impresa (Center for Managerial Training and Business Administration)

Camera di Commercio di Bologna
Piazza Costituzione, 8/3
Tel. 051.6093200
CTC offers courses for individuals in 19 different areas of business administration, including computer training, language courses, accounting etc. CTC also manages a Servizio di Orientamento alle Nuove Imprese (New Business Orientation) offering assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs and a Linguistics Center offering training in English, French, German and Spanish.

Fondazione Aldini Valeriani per lo Sviluppo della Cultura Tecnica (Aldini Valeriani Foundation for the Development of Technical Culture)

Via Bassanelli, 9/11
Tel. 051.4151911
Accredited by the Emilia Romagna Region as a center for technical job training, continuing education and reintroduction to the job market.