Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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If you do not have access to the SSN you can always make an appointment with a medico privato (private physician) who operates outside of the system. Ask the doctor’s rate in advance to avoid any surprises or embarrassing moments. You will be expected to pay the doctor at the time services are rendered.

Giving birth naturally was the most unexpected and incredible experience of my life. Early labor pains cancelled out my scheduled caesarean and, unbeknownst to me until then, the option of an epidural. Even with the language barrier, the midwives were patient and supportive and having the hospital room to myself in the following two days was a luxury. Though I was under the care of a private doctor throughout my pregnancy, the birth and follow-up at S. Orsola was adequate and completely satisfactory for both my baby and me.

Christine Ricci

Even if you do have access to the SSN, there may still be times when you prefer to see a doctor outside of the system. Many Italians move back and forth between the national system and private care, depending on what health problems they need to address. For example, there are times when paying for health care outside of the system becomes an effective way of avoiding a long waiting period when the public structures are backed up. For foreigners who haven’t yet mastered the language, paying to see medical professionals who speak English can also be a way of making sure you are able to communicate your health matters effectively. The following private, English-speaking medical professionals have been recommended by IWF members.


Dr. Anthony Bruno Cilurso

Via Morandi, 4
Tel. 051.582781
Cell. 347.1671183

Dr. Stephen Williams

Via Matteotti, 29
Tel. 051.332204
Cell. 347.8164535


Dr. George Blagogee

Viale Oriani, 2
Tel. 051.300088 (call in the afternoon to make appointments)

Dr. Raphael Leizer

Piazza Roosevelt, 4
Tel. 051.265470

Dr. Maria Cristina Meriggiola

Via Massarenti, 162
Tel. 051.398404

Dr. Stefania Tabanelli

Via Libia, 20/6°
Tel. 051.392314
Cell. 335.309490


Paul Caruso and Larry Kaye

Via Cracovia, 5
Tel. 051.466994

Jon Cory

Piazza dei Martiri, 5/2
Tel. 051.223984


Tracy Fairplay

Via Emilia Ponente, 34
Tel. 051.347474
Cell. 348.5906211

Marco Orsi

Via Emilia Ponente, 34
Cell. 328.6355251