Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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If you do not qualify for the SSN and do not have the resources to pay for private care, there are several clinics for immigrants without health care coverage.

Centro per la Salute delle Donne Straniere e dei loro Bambini
(Health Center for Foreign Women and Children)

Via Zanolini, 2
Tel. 051.4211511

Ambulatorio Biavati

Vicolo Alemagna, 3
Tel. 051.226310

Free health care and gynecological exams. People here are really concerned about different health issues, like never being in a breeze. Kids are not supposed to sweat and when my son’s friend comes over to play, he brings a second set of clothes in case he gets sweaty. Parents seem really concerned about fevers, so you’re always taking your children’s temperatures and you end up with an almost daily record. And it seems like everything here gets chalked up to a liver problem. Someone’s skin will break out and they’ll say, “Oh my liver is acting up!” It’s so different from the way we reason, it’s become a family joke. If anything is wrong, we’ll say, “Oh, it must be my liver.”

Sally Hudson

Ambulatorio Sokos

Via de’ Castagnoli, 10
Tel. 051.2750109
Free health care and help for non-residents in obtaining coverage under the SSN.

Ambulatorio Salute Senza Margini

Via Cimarosa, 5/2
Casalecchio di Reno
Tel. 051.596795

The multilingual URP number, 800.663366, connects on Wednesday mornings to a clinic in Casalecchio di Reno, Thursday mornings to the hospital in Bentivoglio and Saturday morning, as well as all afternoons from 14:30-16:30, to Ospedale Maggiore. Trained social/health mediators are available to take calls.