Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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All services and benefits for the disabled are available to foreigners registered in the SSN. The first step is to apply for the recognition of l’invalidità (civil disability) through Azienda USL. After a medical visit, a commission will evaluate the status and qualification of the disability. A disability of 33.33% is the minimum level to be considered invalid and guarantees prosthetic and orthopedic services. At 46%, one also acquires the right to be included in special employment lists. People with higher levels of disability (74%-100%) are entitled to various prestazioni economiche (benefits), depending on their level of autonomy. Detailed information about other financial assistance can be obtained from a booklet available at the site of the Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze (Ministry of the Economy and Finance) at

It should be noted that there is a difference between “civil disability” and “handicap” and the two categories translate into different benefits. “Handicap” and “Severe Handicap” are defined by law and are based on the disadvantages a disabled person encounters from interaction with his or her environment. Detailed information can be obtained from the city’s Centro Risorse Handicap (Handicap Resource Center): The site, an excellent source for information and documentation on services and legislation regarding the handicapped, also offers the downloadable guidebook: “Bologna for the disabled, the disabled for Bologna.” Other sites of interest include: (regional health site) (Center for Documentation on Handicap, also in English) (downloadable guidebook on civil disability) (information on legislation) (Association for Developing Projects to Reduce a Handicap by Means of Information Technology, also in English) (Center for Technical Aids, also in English) (general information)