Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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You can avoid going to the post office if all you have to do is send a letter because you can buy francobolli (stamps) at any tabaccheria and drop your letter in a red postal box. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not sure about postage, as most tabaccherie are equipped with a scale and postage charts. The website of the national postal service, Poste Italiane, has explanations of the different options for letters, packages, etc: You have a range of options for sending letters and packages. Posta celere (express mail) is a sure way to send things anywhere in Italy in one day. Posta Prioritaria (first class mail) is the fastest way to send letters abroad and within Italy. If you need proof of your letter’s arrival at its destination, send it raccomandata (registered mail). You can also send it assicurata (insured mail), although this significantly slows the arrival of the item. In Italy, you can do a lot more at the post office than mailing. Services such as bill pay are handled at the blue window, Bancaposta. Pensioners pick up their monthly check at the Bancaposta - you’ll soon learn to avoid that day of the month.