Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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The principal religion in Bologna, as in the rest of Italy, is Roman Catholicism. The city is divided into parishes by street address and you are automatically considered a member of a parish once you move into a neighborhood. You may even receive the church bulletin in your mailbox whether or not you attend church. You will find a complete listing of Roman Catholic churches in the yellow pages under CHIESE CATTOLICHE. For a list of non-Catholic churches and religious centers, see CHIESE E CENTRI DI ALTRI CULTI. No Bolognese parish regularly offers Catholic mass in English. Don Francesco Pieri of the University Church San Sigismondo is willing to provide one if enough English-speakers are interested.

San Sigismondo University Chapel

Via San Sigismondo, 7
Tel. 051.226021
Contact: Don Francesco Pieri


Overshadowed by the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant churches in Italy have smoothed over their differences and often worship together. In particular, the Waldensian Church (Italian pre-Reformation church that adhered to the Reformation in the 1700�s) and the Methodist Church have joined in a union that is also connected to the Baptist Church in a Federation of Protestant Churches (FCEI). Their agreement extends officially to Presbyterian and Free Churches and unofficially to any Protestants that are looking for a place to worship. As a result, these Protestant churches are often highly heterogeneous and multi-cultural.

In Italy, the word evangelica in a church�s name indicates that it is Bible-based, not necessarily that it is part of the �evangelical movement� as it is known in Anglo-Saxon countries. In fact, the word evangelico/a in Italian is used generally to mean Protestant. The word protestante is also used, but not without some confusion: Italian-speaking Roman Catholics sometimes ask self-declared Protestanti, "Ma, cosa protesti?" (But, what are you protesting?). Although this makes for lively conversation, it does not always clear up the misunderstanding. Evangelical churches are experiencing exponential growth in Italy as in the rest of the world. They are very international and often host Englishspeaking missionaries even when worship is exclusively in Italian. Churches that can be classified as evangelical are marked with an *.

New, culturally specific groups are forming spontaneously in churches all over Bologna. If you do not see a group from your denomination, nationality or language here, contact churches through the yellow pages and ask what groups they host. The following is a list of churches and congregations that provide worship services in languages other than Italian.

Anglican Church in Bologna

Contact: Pru Crane
Tel. 051.582891
Alternate Contact: Stephen Williams
Tel. 051.332204
Sunday worship services in English, call for details.

Bologna Bible Church International*

Chiesa della Nuova Vita
Via Parisio, 54
Contact: Hertmut "Cas" Casablanca
Tel. 333.9980847
A bible church for the international community sponsored by the Frisco Bible Church of Dallas, Texas. Worship in English held Saturdays at 19:30. The same church, Chiesa della Nuova Vita, also hosts a Philippine group who worships in Tagalog and English Sundays at 17.

Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica La Parola della Grazia*

Via dei Lapidari, 8
Contact: Mike d'Anna
Tel. 338.4105283
Part of the International Evangelical Church, Washington DC. Lively evangelical worship services are translated into English. Worship in Italian is held Sunday at 10:30.

Chiesa Evangelica della Riconciliazione*

Via Mascherino,11/b
Contact: Giacomo Casolari
Tel. 328.2776205
Worship in Chinese and Romanian on Sunday afternoons, call for details.

When I learned we were moving to Bologna for my husband's job, I naively thought I would be the only English-speaking wife there. But then I was told about the International Women's Forum of Bologna and given a copy of Bologna Inside before moving here and it became my lifeline. What initially began with apprehension and uncertainty, relocating to Bologna then became an exciting opportunity to embrace a new culture with the support of a unique community of women.

Christine Ricci

Chiesa Metodista Evangelica di Bologna

Via Venezian, 1
Contact: Pastor Sergio Ribet
Tel. 051.239227
Contact for English language worship services: Lisa Gelhaus
Tel. 347.0714343
The Chiesa Metodista Evangelica is an international congregation with firm Italian Protestant roots and is part of the Methodist/Waldensian Union of churches. It hosts many international groups who worship in their own languages (Ukrainian, Korean, Philippino and Ghanaian). Sunday worship services in Italian are held at 11. Worship in English held the last Sunday of each month at 14:30.


The Comunità Ebraica di Bologna (Jewish Community of Bologna) is one of 21 members of L'Unione delle Comunit� Ebraiche Italiane (Union of Italian Jewish Communities), which coordinates and promotes the Jewish community nationally.

Comunità Ebraica di Bologna

Via de' Gombruti, 9
Tel. 051.232066
Orthodox synagogue. Shabbat services are held Friday at 19:30 and Saturday at 9. Does not offer English worship. Call for information about courses and activities for children.

Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane

Lungotevere Sanzio, 9
Tel. 06.5803667


Islam represents the second largest religious group in Italy.

Centro di Cultura Islamica/Moschea An-Nur (La luce)

Via Pallavicini, 13
Tel. 051.6011116
Open all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday until AISHA prayers. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for FAGR prayers and from 11:50 until AISHA.


Testimoni di Geova

Via Papini, 7
Tel. 051.4187206
Contact: Peter Fray
Tel. 380.7930675
English services Wednesdays 19:30-21:30; Sundays 10-12:30. Services also held in five other languages.