Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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Newcomers to Bologna occasionally find it difficult to make friends in the beginning. The Bolognese can be reserved and they take some time to warm up to new faces. Many of them grew up here, so don't be surprised when you meet groups of friends who have been hanging out together since elementary school. Taking an Italian course is a great way to meet other newcomers. The International Women's Forum of Bologna welcomes English-speaking women of all nationalities to its meetings and events. Joining a sports club, an association or becoming involved with cultural events are also good ways to get to know people. See Chapter 8: Tempo Libero.

Bologna is home to a great many foreign cultural associations, some of which are listed below. Check the yellow pages under ASSOCIAZIONI or visit the city's website at

International Women's Forum of Bologna

Associazione Italo-Americana "Luciano Finelli"

Via Belmeloro, 11
Tel. 051.2682825

Associazione Culturale Italia-Austria

Via Ugo Bassi, 13
Tel. 051.268711

Associazione Italo-Britannica

Via Farini, 35
Tel. 051.221249

Associazione Culturale Italo-Brasiliana

Via Milazzo, 3
Tel. 051.320175

Associazione Caribe

Via F.lli Rosselli, 15/a
Tel. 051.520506

Alliance Fran´┐Żaise

Via de' Marchi, 4
Tel. 051.581161

Istituto di Cultura Germanica

Via de' Marchi, 4
Tel. 051.225658

Associazione Culturale Italia-Israele

Via de' Gombruti, 9
Tel. 051.232066

Centro di Cultura Islamica

Via Massarenti, 221/7
Tel. 051.6011116

Associazione Italia-Olanda-Fiandre

Via del Monte, 10
Tel. 333.4875099

Associazione Culturale Italia-Ungheria

Via Santa Caterina, 55
Tel. 051.331708

Sure signs you're a straniera

1) Asking for a cappuccino after 11
2) Drinking a cappuccino with your lunch or dinner
3) Ordering salad before your pasta
4) Putting grated parmesan cheese on your spaghetti alle vongole
5) Wearing shorts downtown
6) Thinking that a bimbo is a dumb blond
7) Cutting your spaghetti with a knife
8) Participating in the Sunday afternoon passeggiata looking like you just rolled out of bed (even if you did)
9) Not asking permesso before entering an apartment
10) Greeting everyone, regardless of their age, social position, or relationship to you, with a cheery "ciao!" instead of the more appropriate buongiorno, buonasera, or salve
Julia Culver