Bologna Inside - Second Edition

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There are numerous private language schools in Bologna. Ask the URP in Piazza Maggiore or consult the yellow pages under SCUOLE DI LINGUA for a complete list. For private lessons, check the bulletin boards in the university district. Below are a few wellestablished language schools offering Italian for foreigners.

Centrodidattico Uno

Via Laura Bassi Veratti, 28 (additional location in San Lazzaro di Savena)
Tel. 051.6236808

Cultura Italiana

Via Castiglione, 4
Tel. 051.228003 or 051.228011


Via Milazzo, 5
Tel. 051.6390330

Istituto Dante Alighieri

Via de' Pignattari, 1
Tel. 051.226658

For courses that offer home-stay at teachers' private residences, see:

I'd done all the paperwork to become a resident and I was told to expect a vigile urbano to come by my house sometime after 7. Each morning I would wake up at the crack of dawn, dress and lie on the living room couch, anxiously awaiting the vigile. God forbid I be in my pajamas when the inspector came! When the bell finally rang early one morning, I raced to the door. Inspection time! The policewoman stood in the doorway and held out a card for me to sign. Without even looking at me, she waited as I signed it, then left. What an anticlimax! I'd been expecting something more official, a series of difficult questions or something. But that was it.

Julie Wade

If you are studying on your own, the public library in Piazza Maggiore, Biblioteca Sala Borsa, has a huge collection of material on learning languages, see Chapter 2: Essential Services.

The city of Bologna offers free Italian classes to foreigners with a valid permesso di soggiorno. Participants are required to take a placement test and most courses meet twice a week. Depending on the teacher, you may be asked to purchase course materials. These courses are also available for intermediate and advanced speakers. Check with the URP in Piazza Maggiore for a list of current course offerings.

The Bologna Crane

Never let attention wane
Lest you forget to do the crane.
When sidewalk should abruptly end,
Stiffen trunk and forward bend.
The arcades arching overhead
Shield sun and rain, it may be said,
But line your toes and lock your knees
And crane for passing danger, please.
Oh, incidentally, might I add,
Another misadventure to be had.
The architecture's very fine,
But you must mind the canine mines.
Diligently eyes affix
Uneven walks of stone and bricks,
Not merely to avoid a stumbling;
There lie unpleasantries much more humbling.
Admire towers, columns, and frescos,
But take care not to be maldestro.
And here nobody makes a fuss
Of umbrellas snagged by a passing bus,
Or motor vehicles brushing your leg;
It's useless to the authorities beg.
Just dive for a niche when a car you spy,
And ogle the architecture by the bye.
(Indians contend with charging cows;
in Italy to mechanized humans we bow.)

Angela Lorenz � 1998