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This website is the online version Bologna Inside, Second Edition: everything you need to know to make Bologna home, a guidebook for English speakers living in or around Bologna, Italy, created by the International Women’s Forum of Bologna under the Project Direction of Kathryn Knowles and the Editorial Direction of Andrea Vogt. The online version of the guidebook was made possible through the financial contribution of the Assessorato alla Cultura e Pari Opportunità della Provincia di Bologna.

Bologna Inside, Second Edition is aimed not at tourists, but rather at newcomers who seek to make Bologna “casa” and need help orienting themselves to the area’s resources, services and bureaucratic procedures. The guide’s insightful tips on Italian customs and Bolognese dialect also provide recent arrivals with specific information to help them better understand their new adopted culture. With 90 personal vignettes by 60 unique women authors and 10 portraits of IWF members who call Bologna home, this guide offers a unique, personal read for those interested in a truly “inside” view of daily life in Italy.

The guidebook is a service project for our community and is distributed free of charge. Individual copies may be requested at general meetings of the IWF Bologna, at the URP (Office of Public Relations) of the Province of Bologna located in Via Benedetto XIV, 3 and at the URP of the City of Bologna located in Piazza Maggiore. Companies, associations and other groups are asked to contact for multiple copies.

A pdf version of the 192 page guidebook may also be downloaded here.
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